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Picking Shingle Colours to Complement Your Home

Can a roof express a homeowner’s personality? Yes! Depending on the style of home and the color of the roofing shingles you choose, you can create a warm, welcoming vibe or a bold, dramatic statement. You can opt for traditional elegance or an ultra-contemporary urban chic.

A new roof is a major investment that you, and your neighbors, will have to live with for many years.

Industry research shows, one of the big challenges many homeowners face is how to match shingle colors that complement their home.

Number of factors to consider when choosing the shingle colour:

  • Walls color. If your choice doesn’t compliment the walls the whole image of the house can be ruined
  • The roof should be in harmony with surrounding landscape
  • Color is affected by different types of shingles

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The right color and style of roofing shingles will make a great first impression, enhancing its curb appeal and boosting its resale value!

Types of Shingle Colours We Offer

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