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Quality Roof Repair in Richmond Hill

We are a leading name in Richmond Hill, south-central York Region, Ontario, Canada, for professional roof repair services. We are certified, full-service roof contractors. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in handling all kinds of roof repair and maintenance jobs. Our roofs can easily bear the brunt of Richmond Hill’s extreme winters. They stay free of cracks, leakages, and other issues.

Your right choice of roofing solutions with High Skillz Roofing will get you a roof that defines your personal taste and creates a lasting impression on the onlookers. You are sure to get your preferred stylish roof that lasts for a lifetime. Reach out to our roofing specialists and avail the best lasting roof repairs in Richmond Hill.

Roof Leak Repair Richmond Hill

Your roof is vulnerable to problems leading up to leakages. Weather is the usual culprit, thanks to extreme situations like tornadoes, hail, snow, seasonal freezes. As a result of undesirable weather activity, your roof could also be exposed to the risk of downed trees. Such things can not be accurately forecasted; they can happen anytime. A mere leak may not seem harmful, yet it can affect building’s structure and even destroy equipment. You need professional help for a one-time solution to all kinds of leakages in your property in Richmond Hill.

Emergency Roof Repair contractors

Are you in need of urgent help with your roof issues? Worry not! We offer emergency roof repairs at short notice. Our team is fully equipped to handle matters arising from roof systems like shingles, tiles, and even metal roofs.

roof repair in richmond hill

High Skillz Roofing Is Best Richmond hill Roof Repair, Let Us Inspect Your Roof

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Richmond Hill Roof Repair company

Roofing is an integral part of your property structure. Our in-depth knowledge about roofing systems gives us the advantage to handle any kind of roof repair job. In case you come across water stains on your walls originating from the ceiling, you could suspect a leak in your roof. You need professional help to figure the whereabouts of the leak and fix it permanently. You should not wait on the issue to exacerbate and perhaps lead to significant damages. Our professional roof repair team has seen cases where years of roof neglect led to several damages to the property. Cracks in shingles, severe rotting due to leaks, just to name a few.

We are ready to provide our on-time service to make your curled shingles straight. We have suitable equipment (chemical compounds, electric dryers, etc.) available. If the damage goes beyond repair, we can handle roof replacement with great precision and minimum time.

Homeowners tend to prioritize roof repair-related works depending on their budget. Such an approach can lead to delay in addressing critical roof repair services. Your roof is your house’s shield against harsh weather. Small leakages or cracks can grow into more significant and costly issues in no time. It could cost you dearly when you deprioritize your rood repair work.


Salient features of our Roof Repairs Richmond Hill service

  • Inspections – We are happy to visit your premises and perform an inspection of your roof situation. Our experienced team can provide you recommendations that can help address the issue with minimum effort and costs.
  • Quick to Start – We will come to your premises at the promised time and finish the work within the stipulated time. We also ensure to conduct our rood repair job in the most non-intrusive manner so that you can go about your chores with minimum inconvenience.
  • Easy Insurance Claims – Our team of experts can help you get your insurance claims in a planned manner. We have the requisite experience in assisting residents in dealing with insurance companies for claims.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All our works are covered by insurance and our expert guarantee.

At High Skills Roofing, our objective is to replace any flashing or damaged substrates. We will work towards fixing the issue and will leave no stone unturned to achieve our goal. Be assured that we will take care of your home like it’s our own. Do not hire a handyman to get a cheap fix for your roof-related issues. You will end up calling them time and again. Get a long-lasting, high-quality repair with us.

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  • Artur and his crew did a great job. He took pictures of the roof with his drone before and after each stage of the roofing process, and showed us exactly what they did and how. The price was good as well. Would recommend to anyone.

    Riccardo P Avatar Riccardo P
    November 14, 2023

    Arthur arrived on time and quickly identified the problem. He offered a fair price and repaired our leak on the spot. Saved us a lot of headaches. Will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks Arthur!

    media thumbnail 0media thumbnail 1
    Celine Aghajani Avatar Celine Aghajani
    November 14, 2023

    High Skillz is a very reliable and responsible Roofing Company I would highly recommend to all.

    Lisa Lee Avatar Lisa Lee
    October 14, 2023
  • We are very happy with this company and the results. Arthur is easy to deal with, responded quickly, provided an estimate with competitive price, and got the job done in the same week. His crew were professional and very hard working and finished the job in one day.

    Behnam Doulatyari Avatar Behnam Doulatyari
    October 14, 2023

    We had missing shingles on our roof and we hired high skills roofing they did a wonderful job I will definitely recommend them .

    Owais Khairi Avatar Owais Khairi
    October 14, 2023

    We had a wind storm damage at our house and these guys walked me through the process so easy. Fantastic job. I will highly recommend them.

    Saldon Gracious Avatar Saldon Gracious
    October 14, 2023
  • I contacted High Skillz Roofing Inc. and had Artur come out to access my mother's roof situation. He thoroughly inspected my mother's roof and within days began the work on the shingle and flat roofs. His workers were very polite, respectful, knowledgeable and hardworking ... a pleasure to be around! Artur himself was very hardworking and hands-on and I was surprised to see him also working on my mom's roof. He was a delight to deal with and was always available to return our calls immefiately.. Arthur and his team are fantastic and I/we would definitely recommend them to anyone in the future and would gladly use them again. Thanks to a great job!

    aniko kerekes Avatar aniko kerekes
    September 14, 2023

    Arthur and his team did a remarkable job! They replaced the entire roof in just 2 days, showcasing their professionalism and efficiency. The pricing was reasonable, and working with Arthur was truly a pleasure. Highly recommend!

    S Avatar S
    September 14, 2023

    I had an intermittent leak on a small roof over the dinette that only happened a couple of times. Seemed to be when snow melted quickly or when the wind was strong. I called a number of companies, and the only one that came out right away was High Skillz. Arthur diagnosed the problem quickly, and was able to find the source of the leak, pull up the shingles, apply a thick membrane and solve the problem. All within a few hours of calling. Work was done relatively quickly and I was grateful to finally get this fixed. He also inspected the rest of the roof and applied some caulking around the skylight and some vents. It is hard to get roofers out for a relatively small repair job - I know from past experience. Arthur was responsive and showed me where the issue was. He was forthcoming with his quote depending on how much we wanted done. Work was done and the job site was left clean after. I would highly recommend Arthur if you have a roofing issue you want fixed quickly.

    Gamlet Avakyants Avatar Gamlet Avakyants
    August 14, 2023
  • I recently had my roofing changed from High Skillz Roofing inc . They did a great job and Simon was a pleasure to deal with. If you are looking for a quality and affordable roofing company who is professional, does quality work but won’t charge an arm and a leg , Contact High Skillz Roofing inc . My roof looks excellent , they used one of the best shingles at a very competitive price . I was informed in advance of the scheduled day . They called to confirm they were coming , They were punctual , Cleaned up well after the job and communication was very good throughout To summarize , stop looking around and go with High Skillz Roofing inc!!

    Tom Brown Avatar Tom Brown
    May 20, 2020
  • Good Evening everyone - I am not one to do reviews but I do read them when making a decision on using a company when I need work done. So I wanted to take the opportunity to give a honest review on work that was just done a few weeks back by this company. As like everyone else it's hard to trust someone with one of the biggest assets you own. So I woke up one morning to find a puddle of water in my living room. The different emotions one goes through is unbelievable. Thinking about cost, who to call, who to trust, how much money to replace the roof , how much damage has occurred. It all came to my head all at once. So like anyone does you look at reviews of reputable companies who can do a good job amd also be available. I came across Arthur's number amd company through Google review and I can honestly say he took the time to talk amd also came by the house the same day. He got up on the roof took pictures amd gave me the bad news. Unfortunately we has severe damage and with the snow that day him and his team went up on the roof and placed plastic tarp with nails over the one side of the roof. This was all done at 4:30pm amd took about an hour to do while it was getting dark. That night was the start of 5 straight days of rain amd the damage could have been much worse 9f not for Arthur amd his team. I just want to say thank you once again for your professionalism and understanding of what needed to be done to have a satisfied customer. I would recommend him to anyone that is need of a trustworthy guy that looks after the customers as a priority. Marco

    yourhunglikeasquirrel Avatar yourhunglikeasquirrel
    February 14, 2023
  • Very much appreciated Arthur and his crew for their promptness when called, his honest appraisal, and skill in doing an excellent job on short notice! I would definitely call him again for all my future roofing needs, and recommend him to others. Thank you Arthur

    Roman Dubinski Avatar Roman Dubinski
    August 14, 2023
  • We had missing shingles on our roof and we hired high skills roofing they did a wonderful job I will definitely recommend them .

    Owais Khairi Avatar Owais Khairi
    October 14, 2023
  • The roof replacement job done by High Skillz Roofing’s team was fantastic! They were professional, punctual and very skilled in their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reasonable price on having their old roofs replaced with new ones from top-to bottom as well as providing excellent service during the process of getting those projects accomplished too!!

    Joanne Neill Avatar Joanne Neill
    December 14, 2022
  • The work you do is of the highest quality, and your customer service skills are unmatched. I would recommend any home owner to contact you for their next roofing project!

    Andrey Rudenko Avatar Andrey Rudenko
    December 14, 2022
  • We hired High Skillz Roofing inc to completely replace our roof. The process was simple. They came out and assessed the roof and provided a written estimate. They provided samples of the materials they would be using and the steps they would take to complete the roof. The price was lower then we budgeted for, which was great! The crew came out in the morning and by nightfall the roof was completely finished. They replaced the decking and completely installed the new roof in a day. The crew took maybe one break for lunch. They came back and cleaned up on a second day. Overall it was a great experience for us. The roof looks great the crew was efficient and respectful throughout the process.

    Tamara hayes Avatar Tamara hayes
    January 3, 2020
  • Amazing to deal with. Very professional, knowledgeable and reasonable.

    C Deno Avatar C Deno
    August 14, 2023
  • On behalf of our family I wish to thank High Skillz Roofing inc for their exceptional work. From the quotation process to and including the installation process I found their service exceptional. They listened to my worries, and made certain all possible options were understood. found their team trustworthy, courteous and hardworking. And the job done on time. (With a smile) We would definitely use this company again. We would recommend this company again and again without reservation.

    Vince corradoxd Avatar Vince corradoxd
    January 17, 2020
  • Professionally done! I have a leaking roof and saw that I’m missing some shingles. Arthur was very responsive and came right away to do a quick repair! Also in reasonable price! Highly recommended!

    johnpaul capanang Avatar johnpaul capanang
    December 14, 2022

Excellent Roof Repair Solutions in Richmond Hill

We offer our seasoned expertise in two ways. First, if your roof does not require comprehensive repair work, we shall apply the fix with a patch job. Such solutions are adequate for minor leaks and come off as an immediate fix. Our experts will always recommend the most practical way to approach your problems.

Secondly, if a minor fix is not feasible, we shall resolve the issue with a professional complete repair job. From a cost perspective, the professional fix may seem expensive. Still, it is actually inexpensive compared to repeated short-term fixes that take up a lot of time and money to fix. Our high-quality permanent roof repair solutions will outlast the rest of your roof.

You should always prefer to get professional guidance for any roof-related issues. Watching YouTube videos for temporary fixes may seem to address your issue in a few minutes. Yet, it seldom solves the real problem.

  • The root issue would still be there
  • Most YouTube solutions are guesswork for non-professionals and do not assure complete issue resolution
  • As the root cause is not addressed, it will reappear within a short period, and this time it would have grown in proportion.

Exclusive Roof Repair Solution Process

First thing first, we do not just jump onto your roof and start working. Our skilled roof inspector will come to your place to have a closer look at the issue. They will conduct an initial assessment and figure out the root cause of the problem. After that, they will provide you with a work estimate that carries work details. Once your approval is received, our team will arrive at your premises with all the requisite materials and tools to finish the work in one go.

If the impact of the roof issue can not be fully addressed with a repair job, we will recommend a total replacement. Your roof may not have been built as per specifications, and now the issues resulting from the mistake can not be fixed with repairs. Your house roof may be very old and may seem to fall apart. Such a situation can not be dealt with mere maintenance. You will have to go for a full replacement. 

Our intention is to stay honest with our recommendations. This is how we have established ourselves as a reliable name in the Richmond Hill area. We always have and always will provide you with the best solutions for your roof problems.


Roof Maintenance services

As you know, preventive roof maintenance is the most important way towards extending the life of your roof. We provide roof maintenance services that help protect your most valuable asset. High Skills Roofing offers roof maintenance services that optimize the value of your money. We will sit with you and consult on several aspects as we prepare your roof maintenance plan. Our comprehensive plan will include getting to know your concerns and requirements. We also keep your budget and goals in mind.

If you are still struggling to figure out how to begin, just give us a call. We take care of all types of roof-related issues in Richmond Hill. Call us to schedule your free roof inspection. Our expert inspectors will come to your premises within 24 hours. They will assess the health of your roof and provide honest, long-lasting maintenance recommendations.

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Your information is kept confidential and secure with us.